This option will allow you to choose from a varied selection of fine hotels or apartments at very competitive prices that will fit your needs and adjust to your budget and at the same time allowing you to experience playing several golf courses in the area.

Is golf always on your mind? Then this is the solution for you. Enjoy the passion of golf and don't be ashamed to confess you are addicted to the sport. Enjoy meeting other players on the course, benefit of the exercise and do your best on each round.

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This offer is intended for those golfers looking for good accommodation and golf courses not too far from where they are staying in. They will enjoy both. It is also thought for those that know the area but wish to experiment other possibilities.

Why not take the next flight and enjoy a few days on your own or with friends. Spouses are alway welcome as well even if they don't play golf. There are many other things to do that will keep them busy. No worries. A quick getaway will recharge your batteries.  Choose from the different options available, we are sure there is one for you.

These packages have been designed for the most passionate golfers. Enjoy the ecstasy of playing numerous rounds of golf in several different courses. There is no better way to enjoying the sport you like most.